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Gramps 3.0 Wiki Manual - FAQ

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:Use a recent version of GRAMPS! From 2.2.5 onwards there is an automatic backup utility.
:It is extremely important to keep backups of your data, and keep them in a safe place. GRAMPS has a specific portable file format which is small, and human readable, denoted by <code>.gramps</code>. If you have allowed this in the preferences (In <tt>Edit menu->Preferences->General</tt>), GRAMPS will keep a backup of your database on exit. You can copy this backup file from time to time to a save location (eg a usb stick).
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:[Note: The .gramps files are compressed. Clicking them will open GRAMPS. To see the XML select them and open them with a decompressing utility (like ark, gunzip), after which you can extract the XML file which is human readable, see [[Generate_XML#How_do_I_uncompress_the_file?|details]].
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:'''Do not keep backups in GEDCOM'''. Not all information GRAMPS stores can be written in the GEDCOM. Hence, an export/import operation GRAMPS --> GEDCOM --> GRAMPS, will mean you '''lose''' data. Use the <code>.gramps</code> file format for backups!
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:'''Do not keep backups in GRDB format'''. GRDB is a database, which might be computer dependent (read, not working on a different PC). Small damage to a GRDB file can also not be repaired. Use the <code>.gramps</code> file format for backups!
;Does Gramps support Unicode fonts? In particular, does it support non-Roman Unicode fonts?
==GRAMPS Webhosting ==
*;How can I publish web sites generated by GRAMPS?:Since GRAMPS generates HTML pages, you can upload the pages to your personal web site. If you do not have a personal web site, and still wish to have your pages available on the internet, the GRAMPS project can provide space for you at the, see [[GRAMPS:Webhosting|the webhosting article]]. *;How do I submit my pages to the GRAMPS library site ( you wish to submit pages to the GRAMPS library site, you will need to contact the GRAMPS project, typically by sending a message to the gramps-users mailing list. You will then be given a username and password that will allow you to upload your files to the site. After you upload the files (in a gzip'ed tar file), the GRAMPS project will install the pages for you on the site. *;After I upload my Family Web Page to, is the password used for write privileges only or read privileges?:In order to prevent abuse of the site, the password given allows uploads only. If you wish to have a username and password combination to restrict read access to your pages, you will need to contact the GRAMPS project, and we could set this up for you. However, the read and write accounts will be separate accounts. *;Do I view the Family Web Page with a url into my browser? Or through a link on a list of Family Web Pages on the site?:The main page on the site will contain an index of the available family sites. However, there will be a unique URL for each site as well.

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