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Gramps 3.0 Wiki Manual - FAQ

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General: Markup improvements (definition list) to make the questions easier to 'scan' going down the page. The additional info on backups needs a different treatment still.
*;What is GRAMPS?:GRAMPS is the Genealogical Research and Analysis Management Program System. In other words, it is a personal genealogy program letting you store, edit, and research genealogical data using the powers of your computer, see [[GRAMPS:About|About]]. *;Where do I get it and how much does it cost?:GRAMPS can be [[Installation|installed]] at no charge. GRAMPS is an Open Source project covered by the GNU General Public License. You have full access to the source code and are allowed to distribute the program and source code freely. *;Does GRAMPS exist in other languages?:Yes, at the moment GRAMPS is translated in 23 languages, see [[GRAMPS translations]]. *;How do I keep backups?:Use a recent version of GRAMPS! From 2.2.5 onwards there is an automatic backup utility. :It is extremely important to keep backups of your data, and keep them in a safe place. GRAMPS has a specific portable file format which is small, and human readable, denoted by <code>.gramps</code>. If you have allowed this in the preferences (In <tt>Edit menu->Preferences->General</tt>), GRAMPS will keep a backup of your database on exit. You can copy this backup file from time to time to a save location (eg a usb stick). : -:[Note: The .gramps files are compressed. Clicking them will open GRAMPS. To see the XML select them and open them with a decompressing utility (like ark, gunzip), after which you can extract the XML file which is human readable, see [[Generate_XML#How_do_I_uncompress_the_file?|details]].: -:'''Do not keep backups in GEDCOM'''. Not all information GRAMPS stores can be written in the GEDCOM. Hence, an export/import operation GRAMPS --> GEDCOM --> GRAMPS, will mean you '''lose''' data. Use the <code>.gramps</code> file format for backups!: -:'''Do not keep backups in GRDB format'''. GRDB is a database, which might be computer dependent (read, not working on a different PC). Small damage to a GRDB file can also not be repaired. Use the <code>.gramps</code> file format for backups! *;Does Gramps support Unicode fonts? In particular, does it support non-Roman Unicode fonts?:Yes. GRAMPS works internally with Unicode (UTF-8), so all alphabets can be used on all entry fields. All reports fully support this, although for PDF/PS you need to work with gnome-print or openoffice.

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