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== The html kits ==
We can use webkit or gtkmozembed to view html HTML pages. If no one is installed, you'll never see GeoView.
If the two kits are installed, webkit will be used.
For web browsing, we need to be connected to the network.
Even if you have a html HTML kit installed, you can always say : I don't mind ! I don't want to see the HtmlView.
For this, you can disallow Geoview in the Internet Maps preferences tab.
The reason why for epiphany :
==== Proxies ====
A lot of private or non free maps depends on OpenLayers.
The most interesting is the IGN ( Institut Géographique National Français )[] which offers an old map of France ( about 1780 ) but this provider needs a key. I'll speek speak about keys later.
You have Googlemaps, Yahoo! maps, Microsoft maps, ...
It's also in the development phase and is sometimes buggy.
For performances issues, I can confirm it takes approximatively approximately 30 secondes seconds to view 1000 markers for openstreetmap or google.If you have 2000 markers, this time is about 2 times 30 secondesseconds.
For this, I limit one html HTML page to 200 markers. I you have more than this limit, I create the necessary pages to see all your markers.
During testing with a places database for France ( > 35000 markers ), I set the limit to 20 markers which permit to create 1760 pages without problems. So we can say we have an unlimited number of markers. Only the file system space will limit us.
== The provider Key ==
Gramps GRAMPS is not a web site. Keys are only for web sites.
In GeoView, I use a specific functionality : We are working on local file instead of url, so we don't need a key.
some Some providers like IGN needs key even in this case. So I can't use them. Why ?
#Too complex for final user's.
#We need a key by provider
In these case, I hope you understand the choice is limited even is mapstraction can do more.
=== Constraint ===
We have no key, so we have a restricted access : About 10,000 to 15,000 requests by IP per day depending on the provider.
You need a proxy only if you installed one or if you depend on some internet providers.
== How to get the html HTML kits ? ==
It depends on the distribution you're working on ! They are listed in reverse order.
you must install : python-gnome2-extras
It's stable but install many gnome packages even if you are on a kde KDE based distribution.
Please, don't troll !
install the python-gtkmozembed package.
=== windows XP/Vista ===
Perhaps the following link can help windows developpers developers :

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