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Exporteren naar het GEDCOM formaat
=== Exporteren naar het GEDCOM formaat ===
[[Image:Gedcom-export.png|right|thumb|250px|Fig.3.xx.Export assistant: GEDCOM options]]
GRAMPS laat u toe om een gegevensbestand te exporteren naar het gekende GEDCOM-formaat. Er zijn verscheidene opties om uw export te verfijnen.
This option allows specify where your image files are located. This is useful when you are transferring your GEDCOM file from one computer to another. It tells the program that is importing the data where your images are.
[[Image:Gedcom-export.png|right|thumb|150px|Fig.3.xx.Export assistant: GEDCOM options]]=== Exporteren naar GRAMPS formaten ===
=== Exporteren naar {{man warn|Privacy Filters |It is important to verify your privacy options on Exporter. Do not enable filters or privacy options for GRAMPS formaten ===XML backups.}}
*GRAMPS XML database export: Exporting into GRAMPS XML format will produce a database compatible with the previous versions of GRAMPS. As XML is a text-based human-readable format, you may also use it to take a look at your data.

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