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Work in progress.
Be patient.
I'm not a native english writer, so I surely do mistakes.
'''All we need to understand and test GeoView.'''
== Why GeoView ? ==
I would like to see my ancestors all around the world on a map. And if possible, I would like to see them moving during time periods.  How to do this easily ? and with the minimum of software !to install ?
GeoView is one solution. You can always provide yours !
We have no key, so we have a restricted access : About 10,000 to 15,000 requests by IP per day depending on the provider.
What is a request ? As I understand with the IGN ( OpenLayers ), a request is a tile ( an image). You need several images tiles for a view.
I think it is sufficient for the lambda genealogist.
Add to the /etc/apt/sources.list :
# for python-webkitgtk  deb hardy main  # for libwebkit  deb hardy main
It's from nightly builds, so it can crash.
=== debian ===
==== webkit ====
This is the same packager for ubuntu and debian, so go to the ubuntu paragraph.
==== gecko ====
install the python-gtkmozembed package.
== windows XP/Vista ==
I don't know who is the windows packager for libwebkit and python-webkitgtk or pywebkitgtk.
Perhaps it will be a good way to go to Linux !
== ... ==
Your modifications are welcomed ...

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