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I'm not a native english writer, so I surely do mistakes.
For the moment, I try to get all All we need to understand and test GeoView.
== Why GeoView ? ==
Why ? I would like to see my ancestors all around the worldon a map. Not sufficientAnd if possible, I would like to see my ancestors them moving during time periods. How to do this easily ? and with timethe minimum of software ! GeoView is one solution.You can always provide yours !
== The html kits ==
We can use webkit or gtkmozembed to view html pages. If no one is installed, you'll never see GeoView.
If the two kits are installed, webkit will be used.<br>For web browsing, we need to be connected to the network.<br>Even if you have a html kit installed, can can always say : I don't mind ! I don't want to see the HtmlView.<br>For this, you can disallow Geoview in the Internet Maps preferences tab.<br>I don't want to make a troll here. I use gnome and kde on my machine. I'm kde, my wife is gnome. So the war between gnome, kde or any WM doesn't need to start here.
=== WebKit ===
It's the future. Be aware, WebKit is always in development. I already test this with segmentation fault, ...
==== Proxies ====
I don't know how WebKit works at this level. I think it uses some configuration file or environment variable.
I need help about this.
=== Gecko ( GtkMozEmbed ) ===
There will be no more development for html 5 with gtkmozembedfor the moment. So What will gtkmozembed will be abandonned in the future?==== Proxies ====GtkMozEmbed is proxy aware. I implement this and I use the http_proxy environment variable.authentication is allowed.The http_proxy format used is :<br>http://[user:[email protected]]proxy:port/
==The maps providers = How to get =There are a lot of providers. Some are free.By default, the provider is OSM ( OpenStreetMap ).This provider depends on the community and the maps are very light depending on the country. Nevertheless, the community made an extraordinary job since a few month. We can say OpenStreetMap is and will be the html kits ? ===map for gramps. Openlayers is free too and uses by default OSM map.A lot of private or non free maps depends on OpenLayers. The most interesting is the IGN ( Institut Géographique National Français ) which offers an old map of France ( about 1780 )but this provider needs a key. I speek about keys later.
== The You have Googlemaps, Yahoo! maps providers ==, Microsoft maps, ...
== mapstraction ==
Like you can see, it's impossible to implement all providers. For this, some people created an api over all these providers.
With only a few modification, you can use the map you want. And better, you can switch between the maps keeping the zoom and the centered position.
<br>It's also in the development phase and is buggy.
== The provider Key ==
Gramps is not a web site. Keys are only for web site.
In GeoView, I use a specific functionality : We are working on local file instead of url, so we don't need a key.
some providers like IGN needs key even in this case. So I can't use them. Why ?
#Too complex for final user's.
#We need a key by provider
In these case, I hope you understand the choice is limited even is mapstraction can do more.
=== Constraint ===
We have no key, so we have a restricted access : About 10,000 to 15,000 request by IP per day depending on the provider.
I think it is sufficient for the lambda genealogist.
== The proxies ==
Everybody doesn't need a proxy. The majority in connected directly to internet. In this case, forget all this.
You need a proxy only if you installed one or if you depend on some fai which provides one.
== How to get the html kits ? ==
It depends on the distribution you're working on !
== ... ==

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