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How to restore a backup of your Gramps genealogy Family Tree database.

Importing backup archives

The following workflow is for Gramps version 3.3 or later versions of the .gramps or .gpkg XML backup/archive files. Options to recover an archive from an earlier or a database are linked at the bottom of the page.

Restore a Gramps backup archive from the Desktop

The easiest method is to find the archive file (while Gramps is not running) in the OS. Right-click that file and choose to Open with Gramps from the context menu. The OS will launch the Gramps application, create a blank tree, name the tree to match the archive, import the archive, and you're ready to continue with your research. All that completes with a single action.

Menubar - Family Trees > Manage Family Trees...
Import Family Tree - dialog example

Restore a Gramps backup archive from within Gramps

You can also Start Gramps and do those steps manually.

  • From the Family Trees menu, select Manage Family Trees...
  • From the Family Trees manager window:
    • Select New
    • When the new row appears, either: press Enter key to accept default name; or, change the name before pressing the Enter key.
      (The Tree can be renamed at a later time too.)
    • Select the Load Family Tree button
  • From the Family Trees menu, select Import...
  • Navigate to the family tree backup archive file in the Import Family Tree file dialog
  • To begin restoring the family tree backup archive file, double-click it. (Or select it and then click the Import button.)

Once completed, the Import Statistics dialog will be shown to confirm a successful import.

You can now continue with your research on your family tree.

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