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House Timeline Gramplet

Ever wondered about the history of a particular address? The House Timeline Gramplet lets you organize residents of different addresses in a neat timeline. Besides helping you understand the historical context of a property and how/when certain families were grouped there. The House Timeline Gramplet is also particularly useful for cross-referencing information during research. If you've ever come across potentially related family records with family-nee names at nearby addresses, this Gramplet lets you organize a person to a specific address and a specific time, giving you a clearer picture of potential relationships that may have formed around an address/house.

  • Lists residents of an address in order of Date.
  • Lists first known and last known residents at an address.
  • Calculates the length of time an address/property has been occupied by family members.
  • Calculates the total number of known residents at an address.


  • House Icon Style:
    • Standard (default) - Text draw house.
    • Small - Text draw house.
    • Unicode - Uses a text character for the house eg: ⌂ .
    • None - no house is shown.

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