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Graphical Pr Report

This page is intended for users of the Addon:Graphical Reports.

Print Tab

Scale report to fit
  1. Do not scale report. This option works great with the 'One Page Report' option.
  2. Scale report to fit page width only.
  3. Scale report to fit the size of the page.
One page report
Scale up or down the size of the page (whether verticaly or both vertically and horizontally) to fit the natural size of the report. Note that this WILL most likely make irregular page sizes. Great for Emailing to relatives and Kinkos can size to print too.
Include Report Title
Will display the names of the uppermost parents.
Grandparents will be displayed if known/shown. Otherwise the parents will be printed.
Print a border
Prints a border around the report if wanted.
Print Page Numbers
Page numbers will be printed on the lower right hand corner of the report.
Include Blank Pages
on multiple page reports, if nothing is on a page, specify to print the page anyway.

The 'Scale Report to fit' and 'One Page Report' options can be done in a couple of neat ways.

Scale Report to fit One Page Report Result
Do not scale report Unchecked this is the default options, The report will print on as many pages (both horizontally and vertically) as needed.
Do not scale report Checked This will make the page size the size that the report wants to be. Using zero page margins makes gif/jpeg pictures.
Scale report to fit page width only Unchecked this option is most useful when printing landscape. It is easier to tape together pages vertically only.
Scale report to fit page width only Checked My Kinkos has a 36 inch wide printer. The paper is on a roll, so I use this option to make my LONG wall reports.
Scale report to fit the size of the page both checked and unchecked This will scale the report to fit on the page specified in 'Paper Options'

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