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Graphical Di Report

This page is intended for users of the Addon:Graphical Reports.

Tree Display Tab

This is main (primary) display that will be used within the report.

Personal Display Format
For the Descendant reports. This will be used for all direct descendants and main parents of the selected person/family. Or to better describe it, all Non spouses.
Main Display Format
For the Ancestoral report. The center person will always use this display. Everyone else (spouses of the center person, (grand)-fathers, (grand)-mothers) can choose.

Compress Personal and Spousal Display formats
For the Descendant reports. If a line has variables on it (ie. 'b. $b $B') and ALL of the variables have nothing to print, then remove the entire line. This option can help 'compress tree' option on the 'Tree Options' tab.
Compress Main and Secondary Display formats
For the Ancestoral report. This is the exact same as above.

Use Main/Secondary Display Format for
For the Ancestoral report. This specifies whether (grand)-fathers and (grand)-mothers will use the Main Display only, or which half will use the Main while the other half will use the Secondary.
Bold Direct descendants
For the Descendant reports. Bold those people that are direct descendants of the center person/family. This will NOT bold half or step persons.

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