GEPS 035: Attach family events to individuals

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The purpose of this GEPS is to investigate recording family events against individuals.


  • Record family events against individuals instead of families.

Primary or Bride/Groom roles? Families exist and Family events still exist, but the Family events go against the individuals involved and are displayed on the individual screen of the GUI.

  • Record family events against individuals in addition to families.

Family events are against both, but are only listed once when viewing them in the context of the individual screen of the GUI, and once when viewing them in the context of the family screen of the GUI - no duplicate events on each view.


  • Information related to the bride and groom could be stored in event reference attributes in a more consistent manner.

As it currently stands, Gramps' recommended practice is to associate marriage events with families as opposed to individuals. However, a valid case can be made for associating the marriage event with the bride and groom as individuals as there is important information that is best stored and reflected that way too.

From an aesthetic standpoint on the GUI, it also makes sense when viewing individual details to see the marriage within the context of the other individual life events. It is redundant (and less tidy) to see the marriage event listed again a second time underneath on the same page, associated with the family events. This not only applies to the marriage events, but also to divorce events, or any events which are best applied to both a family and to the primary individuals involved.

This is less of an issue to witnesses to marriage events, as in such cases the marriage only appears within the context of the witnesses individual timeline. Unless of course the witness individual is also part of the family at issue, and hence the event will also appear twice and be redundant.


  • Family events should still be used in the GEDCOM export.

In order for the marriages and the bride and groom to be successfully paired and properly reflected in a GEDCOM export, having the marriage as a family event is still necessary. Restricting marriages to only individual events would disrupt this.

  • Family events should still be used in certain reports.

Related to the above GEDCOM issue, for certain Gramps generated reports to properly reflect the correct information, marriage events must also be associated with families.