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Gramps does not currently do much to help with managing media. Currently, the user must add the media to the file system, and then reference it in Gramps.


  • merging distributed versions with alternate media (different, edited, new, deleted) is manually done by user
  • media added to file system directories may be missing and hard to detect (see Media Manager tool, though)
  • media can't currently be dragged and dropped on Gramps
  • not all media need exist on the file system; how to handle URI's like http, ftp?
  • gramps webapp needs to be able to store imported images in a special place

Media objects can be dragged and dropped at the moment. If media outside of Gramps is dropped into the Media View then a media object is created. If it is dropped onto an editor Gallery tab, then both a media object and a media reference are created. It is even possible to drop a selection of multiple media objects onto Gramps. This can be useful. (Nick H)

Proposed Solution

Solution should keep current use in place.

There is a Addon:Media Verify Tool which uses md5 checksums to verify the integrity of files under a media directory. It also allows users to use a file manager of their choice to manage media objects. The tool uses the "Base path for relative media paths" to define the location of the media directory.


If you have any concerns about this project, feel free to add them to this section:

  • How will Gramps deal with file system filenames that it can't understand?
  • How could one rearrange the image directories and still be able to work with Gramps?

See also

  • GRAMPS - Dev - Proposal for default media directory (discussion[1])
  • DownloadInternetSources addon[2]


Feature Requests

  • 5729: Proposal for default media directory
  • 3599: Would like to use online media object repositories
  • 5248: Media images should take weburls
  • 5430: Non-existing Media don't get exported to GEDCOM
  • 5738: Create GrampsHome (for data) separate from GrampsRoot (for config)
  • 5740: GtkFileChooser dialog and Cropping instead of corners on MediaReference Editor
  • 2450: photo import : media path can not be found
  • 4819: Differences between upper/lower case characters in Preferences->"Base path for rel. media path" and in the real media file path
    • Requests and bugs related to media object on bug tracker [3]