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Citation examples:FamilySearch

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UPDATE: Please look at user mailing list => Another citation question: FamilySearch [1].

Many FamilySearch records give nice citations, that are easy to copy and paste into Gramps like a set of marriage records that FamilySearch has scanned, compiled, and put online.

This is an example of a Gramps citation for an FamilySearch record without a citation given to us. The important thing is to use sensible values in the Gramps citation Volume/Page text-box that ensure we uniquely identify the record.


This is the main Gramps event for this citation.

Gramps Field Value Comment
Event Type Marriage
Date 18..
Id Let Gramps auto-populate this
Place .., .., Oregon, USA
Description .. This event needs some description because it is more unusual than our normal records.
Role (not shared) Primary This is the default value


Gramps Field Value Comment
Title Oregon, County Marriages, 1851–1975 (Index and Images)
Author US civil official (Oregon state) or religious church
Id Let Gramps auto-populate this
Pub. Info http://arcweb.sos.state.or.us/


Gramps Field Value Comment
Name (shared) FamilySearch.org
Type (shared) Web site
Media Type (not shared) Electronic
Call number (not shared) https://familysearch.org/records/collection/1803968 This is not really necessary and is not a standard value, but it is the FamilySearch link for this source. This is the FamilySearch database link, so it is more general than the specific citation. The film number for many FamilySearch records is listed in the record. Irrespective of how to cite the index record itself, it's usually worth requesting the film, viewing that record, and citing that.


Gramps Field Value Comment
Date 18.. Or should this be the date that I reviewed the source?
Id Let Gramps auto-populate this
Volume/Page Book n°10 / page 500 FamilySearch doesn't provide any nice citation information for us so we have to derive it - this seems like sensible detail that should enable any other researcher to find the record from the original source. Look at paper source!
Confidence Normal This is the default. You may want to set this to 'Low' or 'Very Low' if you are not sure this is the right family
Note (Type: Transcript)


Data Key: FamilySearchLink

Value: https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/FXKG-MPJ

It isn't necessary to set this data attribute.

But Gramps doesn't yet have a repository-specific attribute for this in the citation (only at the source level), so this is one way you could save the FamilySearchURL.

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