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Thumbnail Generator Tool in progress

The Thumbnail Generator Tool regenerates thumbnails for media attached to objects.

The thumbnail images are fetched from the Operating System. So, if your OS does not have an application associated with the file/MIME type of the media, or if that application does not generate thumbnails from the content, then then that media object will only be given a generic thumbnail.


Once this addon has been installed:

  • Select Menu Tools > Utilities -> Thumbnail Generator Tool...
There is no confirmation bailout

Despite the horizontal ellipsis ("…") at the end of this menu selection, no additional dialog appears before the action begins

  • No confirmation (preemptive cancel) opportunity.
  • No options are offered.

The thumbnails will be regenerated in five passes:

  • Generating thumbnails for person references
  • Generating thumbnails for family references
  • Generating thumbnails for event references
  • Generating thumbnails for place references
  • Generating thumbnails for source references

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