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Unreleased addon

Installed as part of the CardView Addon

Last Modified Gramplet, "All objects" selection

This is an outgrowth of the original Latest Changes Gramplet, created by Jakim Friant in 2010. The original text-based list of hotlink Persons has been extended to cover all object types as well as provide a Global modified list.

It only supports DBAPI managed database backends. (So it can not be used with the old BSDDB database format.) It takes advantage of querying the tables to get the handles for the most recent changes. This is radically faster than iterating through all the tables to fetch and check each object.

  • 🖱 left-click on any tile
launch the editor for that object.
  • 🖱 middle-click on any tile
navigate to the list view for that object.
  • 🖱 right-click on any tile
will navigate to the card view for that object and if not found fall back to the list view.

Configure Options

Use the View ➡ Configure... menu or click the Gramps-config.pngConfigure the active view button in the Toolbar.

The options for customizing the Last Modified card incude:

  • Maximum objects to display: 25 default
  • Icon size: Small (16x16 pixels) or normal (22x22 pixels)
  • Use small text for Change time
  • Include the Gramps object ID

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