Other settings

Besides Preferences dialog, there are other settings available in GRAMPS. For various reasons they have been made more readily accessible, as listed below.

Column Editor

The columns of the list views may be added, removed, or reordered in a Column Editor dialog, see Figure 2.4, “Column Editor Dialog”. Only checked columns will be shown in the view. To change their order, drag any column to its desired place inside the editor. Clicking OK will reflect the changes in the appropriate view. To invoke Column Editor dialog, choose EditColumn Editor....


The Column Editor is available and works in the same way for all list views. Specifically, it is available for People View, Family View (children list). Sources View, Places View, and Media View.

Setting Home person

The Home person is the person who becomes active when database opened, when Home button is clicked or the Home menu item is selected from either Go menu or the right-click context menu anywhere.

To set Home person, make the desired person active and then choose EditSet Home person....

Adjusting viewing controls

Whether the toolbar, the sidebar, or the filter (People View only) are displayed in the main window is adjusted through the View menu.