Obtaining Help

GRAMPS has a Help menu that you can consult at any time. It includes the following items:

User manual

An electronic version of the manual that you can access while you work in GRAMPS.


A list of Frequently Asked Questions about GRAMPS.

Tip of the day

Displays the "Tip of the day" dialog.

Plugin status

Use this item to display the status of any plugins you may have added.

GRAMPS home page

This item opens your web browser and connects to the GRAMPS' project web site.

GRAMPS mailing lists

This item opens your web browser to the GRAMPS mailing list page. At this page, you can browse the mailing list archives or join the mailing list

Report a bug

Choose this item to file a bug report in our bug tracking system. (Remember, GRAMPS is a living project. We want to know about any problems you encounter so we can work to solve them for everyone's benefit.)


This item displays a dialog with general information about the GRAMPS version you are running.