Chapter 1. Getting Started

Table of Contents

Choosing a database
Obtaining Help

In this chapter, we'll begin with the basics. We'll show you how to start GRAMPS and how to get help when you need it.


You can start GRAMPS in the following ways:

From the Applications menu

Select GRAMPS from the list of programs displayed in your computer's Applications menu. (The location and appearance of this menu vary slightly from one distribution of Linux to another. On the default GNOME desktop, you'll find GRAMPS in the ApplicationsOther menu.

From the command line

If you're adept with Linux and like to work from the command line, you can start GRAMPS by calling up a terminal window, typing gramps, and then pressing Enter.

If you would like GRAMPS to open a specific database or to import a specific file on startup, you can supply the filename as a command line argument:

gramps filename.grdb

where filename.grdb is the name of the file you want to open. The command line provides many more ways to start GRAMPS and perform different tasks.